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Best online eyeglasses options trending among fashion lovers

By Opticsfit | May 26, 2022

Eyeglasses were first known to history in the 13th century when Italians set the glass-blown lenses onto a wooden frame that could be perched on the nose. This trend-setting discovery has undergone unprecedented transformations since then. And, now the eyeglasses that the world knows, have gone a complete makeover from the original invention.

Not only in the form and materials, but the experimentation has taken over the eyeglasses space on several other parameters. The modern-day eyeglasses are believed to be the brainchild of Sam Foster who introduced the world to farsighted glasses in 1929.

Cut to present times, we know eyeglasses by several names and there is an eyeglass for every unique requirement. Just by mingling one or two functionalities and materials, a variety of fashionable eyewear options can be produced. Let’s take a look at some of the trend-setting eyeglasses styles that have been setting the fashion-o-metre on fire for a very long time.

  1. Half-rim glasses

Do you want to have a lighter option than full-rim frames?  A suitable alternative is provided by half-rim glasses. As the name suggests, these glasses are rimless at the bottom unlike at the top. The top of the frame may be available in several styles such as cat-eye look, flat top, metal top, etc. With the rimless design at the bottom, the eyeglasses look quite sophisticated. You may require taking a little more care of the lenses, but every effort pays back in the form of comfort that these offer.

Half-rim glasses are ideal for users who use eyeglasses perennially, every moment of the day except when they are not awake. These offer easier adjustment and do not pinch much if the eyeglasses are required for extended hours.

These eyeglass styles are trending among patrons who buy these eyewear accessories for work. When they shop for eyeglasses online, the buyers get attracted by the sleek look of half-rim eyeglasses. While rimless options may disappoint the users by having a bold taste, the half-rim glasses draw a grey area and help balance the bold and sophisticated look.

  1. Wayfarer sunglasses

These sunglasses are a pure delight for fashion lovers. Wayfarer sunglasses are characterised by plastic frames and lenses with dark tints or shades. The spectacles online shopping for styling up looks is almost incomplete without wayfarers.

More than the looks, these sunglasses offer immense comfort to users who need a soft bridge to keep the goggles perched securely. The metallic bridges with pads may start hurting after hours of use. The wayfarers offer a delight-filled solution to this problem.

When moving out in stark sunlight hours, wayfarers help shield the eyes much better due to darker lenses. Available in classic colours like black and brown, there are other funkier options like grey, blue, yellow and pink, too. While doing online glasses buying for fashion, you are most likely to be served with the wayfarer glasses at the top of the search results.

The wayfarer sunglasses can be modified with the use of polarised lenses to fight away the glare along with the extra light. Because of this quality, these sunglasses are in vogue and are the first choice of pilots and sailors.

You must have spotted these eyeglasses in several movies where your style icons turned the heat a notch higher by simply cladding their eyes with these happening eyewear options.

  1. Unisex eyeglasses with interesting colours

Unisex eyeglasses complement the looks of men and women equally. Women and men’s sunglasses online are getting tough competition from unisex glasses because of their universal appeal.

These eyeglasses add more oomph to the looks when they are adorned with lenses that have eccentric shapes and colours. For instance, hexagonal and octagonal lenses have become quite a fashion statement and these fit most face shapes tastefully. The difficult face shapes to accessorise such as ones with squarish jaw lines or heart-shaped faces can be glamorised easily with these lens shapes.

You can add a lot of drama to your looks by wearing amber-tinted or pink shade sunglasses. There are glasses with a reflective mirror look, gold and silver tinted glasses, etc. that can spice up the online spectacles frame effortlessly.

  1. Oversized sunglasses

The oversized sunglasses are the inspiration from the retro fashion times and still rule the style world. These can be men’s rectangle glasses, oval lenses or round-shaped lenses covering eyes more than expected.

The oversized sunglasses are the best fit for fashion lovers. Most importantly, these can cover all facial flaws with added ease. UV protection features, polarised lenses, retro square-shaped lenses and gradient quality are some of the top-sellers that are topping the product list at any popular sunglasses online store.

The tiger-skin style frame is one of the most loved styles in oversized sunglasses that have often been the red carpet looks of celebrities as well. Designed to turn heads, the oversized sunglasses in uniquely coloured frames or plastic grips with a metallic look are some of the rules-setters that every fashion aficionado swears by.

Oversized sunglasses can have several benefits. Their sturdy make is ideal for users who love having durable accessories in their collection. These can withstand wear and tear with no fuss and are ideal for the outings of the daytime that require little to extensive travelling.

Some may find them a bit cumbersome to keep, but all the benefits offered to make up for that little inconvenience. Most interesting styles emerge from the funky coloured lenses that help put the whole focus of the onlookers on the face.

Fashion statements need not be looked for in stylish dresses or jewellery pieces only. Sunglasses have been the safest styling option for people who want to stay away from overtly dressed up looks. You can search and buy eyeglasses online if the best-curated collections are on your mind. The online collections are updated quite often and are always in keeping with trends. So, whether the style chosen is a wayfarer, unisex or oversized, you can find your best option at any cheap eyeglasses online store. With advanced features like virtual mirrors, these can offer you an in-showroom experience too.

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