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Powered sunglasses – merging style with the need

By Opticsfit | May 26, 2022

Fashion gets more real and relatable when it serves a purpose too. Powered sunglasses are one such fashion staple that works the best for people who need glasses and still want to look their most stylish self.

Powered sunglasses have lenses with prescribed power or vision correction and also control the amount of light entering the eyes with tint. On any sunny day, you dispense with the need to bulk your pocket with two eyeglasses (one for reading and the other for protection from sunlight) and step out of the house lightly with these stylish and efficient powered sunglasses.

How sunglasses and powered sunglasses differ

Sunglasses come with tinted lenses. These will prevent your eyes from the glare if they are with an additional facility of polarisation and keep them comfortable when the sunlight is the most scorching. But, their role is restricted only to protection from sun rays.

What if you need vision correction support while driving and protection from the sunlight too? The powered sunglasses prove their utility in such cases and allow you to have the double whammy of style and vision correction in a single product.

Powered sunglasses are not an over-the-counter product like sunglasses. While the latter requires you to simply enter the sunglasses showroom and select the one that goes with your personality, the powered sunnies will be made on order. You will have to place an additional request for tinting the prescription lenses while getting them made. Thus, powered sunglasses require you to wait for some days before you can have the first trial of the final product.

Powered sunglasses – solving your various problems in one go

Powered sunglasses are quite a versatile product. These eyewear specialities take the hassle out of travelling and help you have ample time for effortless fun in open spaces like beaches, etc. A few of their benefits worth talking about are:

a. Vision correction: Being powered, these sunglasses help you see clearly. These cut the blur but not your chances of looking smart with glasses on. You can enjoy a break from all issues of short-sightedness and farsightedness by wearing prescription sunglasses. Ability to correct the vision along with enhancing the looks make power glasses with tinted lenses a preferable option for young and fashion-loving users.

b. No baggy eyes to deal with: By religiously wearing the powered sun shades the moment you step out on a sunny day, you can prevent the signs of ageing from appearing on your face. The exposure to UV light may not be prevented with plain, powered glasses. It may lead to dark circles, wrinkles and bags below the eyes. Protection from UV rays becomes easier to achieve with UV-protected powered sunglasses. It always helps you look younger.

c. Best block to glare: By adding a virtue of polarisation to powered sunglasses, the light falling on the eye from reflective surfaces can be controlled. It allows clearer vision and nil discomfort to the eyes while staying in places like beaches, near glassy surfaces, sandy areas, etc.

d. Style quotient enhanced: You can pick from a multitude of lens options such as polycarbonate, Trivex, C-39 Plastic, Glass, etc. that fit your budget as well as vision requirements. Also, sunglasses with power features can be designed in a variety of frames for men’s glasses. Cat-eye, square, round, hexagon, and several other stylish frame styles can be used so that these complement your face shape aesthetically. Style and utility come wrapped in one product in powered sun goggles.

e. Ease of buying: When you want to buy eyewear online, you are most likely to stumble upon a variety of powered spectacles with tinted glasses. This variety is catching up with online buyers as they can share their prescribed power and do a virtual 3D check of frames right on their mobile and computer screens. These shopping supports offer convenience when selecting powered sunglasses online.

f. Unmatched clarity of vision: There are several tasks such as driving, flying or reading that need vision to be clear and crisp. The powered sunglasses allow you to do these tasks on any sunny day with added ease and help you keep your eyes unstrained throughout the daytime.

g. Friendlier option for kids: Vision issues at young are now an inescapable reality. The powered sunglasses offer a happy option for kids who struggle with vision problems and yet want to dress up in a livelier manner. They can turn their vision-correcting support, which was otherwise a matter of ridicule, into their style statement by opting for fashionable powered sunglasses.

Who can benefit the most from powered sunglasses?

Those who want to have a stylish accessory coupled with a prescriptive product for vision correction can find the idea of wearing powered sunglasses quite appealing.

Kids, fashion-conscious men and women, people who require staying outdoors for long and have vision issues are some of the most prospective buyers of prescription glasses made with colored lenses. For more versatility, these glasses can be made with photochromic lenses for both outdoor and indoor use.

Where to buy powered sunglasses?

The sunglasses online store serves buyers with myriad choices. The powered sunglasses are one of the most talked-about sections at the online eyewear shop. People are no more sceptical about buying powered sunglasses online because they get the 3D virtual trial support. This support helps them have a crisp idea of how such glasses are going to look on their face.

Online shoppers come with various loyalty bonuses and discounts that make buying specialised products like powered sunglasses quite pocket-friendly. You also enjoy selecting several options from different brands in one place, which makes shopping super fun and convenient.

The best part about online shopping for powered sunglasses is that you will get them delivered in a contactless manner. Should you need a time-saving way of adding eyewear products to your styling bag, you may approach an online venture and get a lot of shopping done.

It is certainly a style revolution that has led to the introduction of powered glasses with coloured lenses on the shopping racks. The trend is here to stay, for sure, because of the utility and style quotient and most importantly, the convenience of use it offers. So, if you have just signed into the club of users of vision-correction products, you can make your style statement with powered sunglasses. These may help you feel confident in your style and have a clear, crisp vision at the same time.



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