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The OpticsFit Challenge is a campaign that invites adventurers, explorers, and outdoor enthusiasts to showcase their daring spirit and share their most unforgettable moments while wearing our high-performance eyewear.


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Explore our bestsellers here that define the latest trends. Check out our customer favourites in all styles to get ideas and inspiration for your selection. We are sure you will find a pair from our bestsellers that reflect the best of our collection.

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You have just found a pair of glasses in a style, colour, and shape that looks amazing. How do you ensure it will look great on your face too? Use our true-to-life 3D simulation based Virtual Try-On tool. Use your webcam to capture your photo and video and digitally position the frame on your face. You can try as many frames as you want and even share the results with your friends for suggestions.

Our CSR Initiatives


With over 2 billion of the world’s population living in poverty, many suffer the consequences of poor eyesight and are unaware that they can improve their lives with affordable solutions. Our paramount goal is to educate those suffering, to bring them the realization that options are available for them to be able to afford to improve their sight and, thereby, their quality of life.

Eyewear For Everyone!
Eyewear For Everyone!

OpticsFit mission is to ensure affordable access to eyewear, everywhere.

See the Change!
See the Change!

Our paramount goal is to educate those suffering, to bring them the realization that options are available for them.

Thanks to technical advances, we are now able to reach more remote areas, and though we cannot hope to reach every person; each individual we have assisted with ‘Glasses4free’ is one step closer to our vision of providing as many as possible with a better future through improved eyesight.

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Every month we share clips of our latest adventures. If you are a content creator of any kind, get in touch with us.


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From durable to flexible frames that can withstand all kinds of treatment to powered sunglasses that make your outdoor experiences more comfortable and stylish, we have you covered with our vast collection of NextGenEyewear. With our collection, you will never have to compromise between style, functionality, and protection.

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