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5 things to look for in your next eyeglasses’ online purchase

By Opticsfit | May 26, 2022

Shopping for a personal accessory collection is a delightful experience. This delight increases when your purchase turns out to be useful as well as appealing to senses. Amongst all other accessories, buying eyeglasses requires more caution. It is because while other accessories like watches, chains, etc. may be custom-sized, eyeglasses cannot be molded. Hence, you have to select the option that provides the best comfort and looks awesome on you.

In this post, we explain 5 essential features that you must look for when you are all set to buy eyeglasses. These features need closer attention when you choose to buy eyeglasses online.

  1. Fitness to your face size and shape

Every person is born with distinguished facial features. Broad or narrow forehead, pronounced cheekbones or flat face, chubby or thin face, jawline style, etc. are some of the facial features according to which eyeglasses are designed. Especially when you are buying frames for men’s glasses or for women’s eyeshades, these facial features need your attention.

Accordingly, you can select the frame style that complements your facial dimensions and characteristics. Given below is the type of frame/eyeglasses and the face types these suit the best:

  • Oval face: Oval face can be spotted by the proportional features. The contours narrow down both at the forehead and chin. Round, Cat-eye, Rectangle, Square, Wayfare, Geometric, Browline, Oval, and Aviators are the frame styles worth considering. In fact, an oval face is the easiest to accessorize as it looks great with all types of eyeglasses frames.
  • Round Face: The length and width of a round face is roughly the same. Rectangle, square, aviators, and geometric frames can accentuate the round face tastefully.
  • Square face: The square face is proportional and measures the longest breadth-wise both at the forehead and jawline. While searching for the best-looking eyewear for square face, you can try options from round, cat-eye, Wayfare, aviators, browline and oval frame shapes.
  • Triangular face: Triangular face is one that is broader at the forehead and tapers towards the chin. The straight hairline imparts the broadness to the look of the forehead and differentiates this face type from heart-shaped one. You can accentuate your looks by choosing from frame shapes like round, Wayfare, cat-eye, aviators, square, and geometric.
  • Heart-shaped: Apart from the straight forehead, the rounded cheeks differentiate the heart-shaped face from the triangular This face type looks best with cat-eye, rectangle, oval, browline and wayfare styles of sunglasses.

Keep these styles in mind while you are out to buy eyeglasses online. Virtual mirrors provided on the websites that sell eyeglasses can also help you find the best fit.

2. Color of the frames

When you want to look your stylish self, you can pick sunglasses with colorful frames instead of going for the classic black.

The options in eyeglass lenses’ frames have grown conspicuously in recent times. Color of the frames is picked to complement the skin tone. While choosing the colors that look great on your skin, you may take help from the options below:

  • Warm skin tone: You are said to have warm skin tone if the skin undertone is peach, bronze, golden or yellowish. For this type of skin tone, you can select frames made in hues like olive greens, warm red, browns, beige, honey-colored or golden, to mention the smartest and the most in demand.
  • Cool skin tone: A cooked skin tone is characterized by undertones of pink or blue. Best colors in frames that beautifully complement this type of skin tone are blue, mauve, purple, silver or gray, to quote a few.
  • Neutral skin tone: The mix of blue and pink overtones characterize this skin tone type. It is the most accommodating one as all colors of the frames look great on this skin tone.

You may get an idea of the skin tone first before picking the best complementing option in color frames to buy sunglasses online.

3. Color of the lenses

The prime reason why we visit sunglasses online stores is to search for protective gear for our eyes. Sunglasses are required to have a proper shield between the eyes and direct sunlight. While staying outdoors for fun or work, the eyes squinting in response to strong light can make you look funny and it may interfere with your working ability too.

Interestingly, there are some colors in lenses that are suitable for indoors too. These indoors are the ones illuminated with strong lights, such as discos, movie sets, etc. Amber is one such color in lenses that fits the need to wear sunglasses indoors.

Some of the options you may find at women’s and men’s sunglasses online store are:

  • Blue: This color looks great on people with fair skin. Lenses made in this color control amply the amount of light entering the eyes.
  • Black: It is the classic shade in sunglass lenses that refuses to lose its utility and fanbase. This shade is preferred for medical reasons, such as providing post-surgery care to eyes.
  • Brown: The modish appeal of brown lenses is unquestionable. You can stay outdoors on a sunny day comfortably for long with brown eyeglasses on. This color looks less overwhelming than black and satisfies the styling up need with ease.
  • Silvery or golden tinted glasses: When you want to buy sunglasses online that look super stylish, lenses with silvery or golden tint can serve you with the right option. This tint amplifies the style a few notches high and can bring a casual tone to power-dressing.
  • Red: It is an interesting new rage among the buyers of stylish sunglasses. The red color is quite effective in controlling exposure to light and scores high on style quotient as well.

Want to buy glasses online but feel skeptical about it? Don’t feel this way anymore. Use the tips provided above to search for the eyeglasses or sunglasses that look most appealing on you. The correct choice of lens color, frame color and frame shape can enhance your look and help you conceal all flaws in your facial features.

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