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Glasses vs. Contact Lenses – What to pick and when

By Opticsfit | May 26, 2022

Poor vision is not a contemporary issue. We are always surrounded by people with specs on. The number of people using glasses has increased in recent times. People using specs are not seniors only anymore. Poor nutrition, continued exposure to gadget screens and bad eye-care habits have caused vision issues in children and youngsters too.

But, not everyone embraces eyeglasses with open arms. Some people find glasses a deterrent to their looks and try to avoid them to stick to their natural appearance. Contact lenses provide a good alternative to looks-conscious people. So, the world of eye care is dominated by both eyeglasses and contact lenses. If you feel stuck while picking one from these, here is a quick guide to help you make correct decisions.

Conditions suitable for wearing eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are always handier than contact lenses. Just perch them on the nose and you are all set to go! There is no extensive preparation required. Also, eyeglasses are not coming in direct contact with the retina or inner portions of the eyes. This makes them completely safe to use. Such features spell two main conveniences – safety and readiness to use.

Here are some situations when you can buy eyeglasses online and bring yourself the much-needed comfort and hassle-free vision improvement support.

a. Best-suited for kids: Kids are a vulnerable lot. At the growing age, they need to be taught to learn things to sustain themselves without jeopardizing their safety. Contact lenses, due to their intensive care requirement and tricky way to wear, may be too much for kids to handle. Parents may not find it easy to coax kids into wearing contact lenses. Also, kids may find handling these quite a cumbersome process. Wrong method of wearing creates the possibility of injury too, which is the last thing parents will want to happen to the child.

b. Less time in hand: Eyeglasses are quite easy and quick to use. Just take them out of the specs box and wear them on. A little wiping of the lens with the fluid and no requirement to lie down or wait before moving out. Such a handy solution works the best when you have little time in hand to show up anywhere.

c. Medical reasons: Various eye conditions such as conjunctivitis, retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration can make eyes more vulnerable and unfit for products like contact lenses. Since contact lenses may pose the problem of worsened infection, the decision to buy specs online proves a safer choice.

d. Old age: Contact lenses don’t fit the old age and the weakened eye muscles caused by aging. The seniors may find themselves in safer situations by wearing eyeglasses. When not for old age, the attitude towards self-care also determines if contact lenses will fit your lifestyle. If you are not that big a fan of cleanliness and love maintenance-free products, online spectacles frames can help you have an easy product in hand.

To have the long-life of the eyeglasses and to provide protection to eyes, it is advisable to keep the specs safe in a box. It does not take much time and secures the lenses from scratches and rough use too. Also, once in a while, wipe the lenses with solution. These little steps of maintenance can be taken by one and all easily, which is another reason why eyeglasses fit all.

Conditions when contact lenses can help

The contact lenses are not entirely taboo. They do make a good choice in several cases. Though the beginning and the phase where eyes need adjusting to lenses may be tad tough, the comforts thereafter may make up for all that. Contact lenses are set directly on the retina of the eye; advantages of such feature are:

a. Hands-free product entirely: Contact lenses won’t require you to adjust them on the nose bridge. These won’t fog up nor will these require period wiping. You enjoy an entirely hands-free product that can help you have a comfortable time outdoors all day long.

b. Fit for public figures: If you are in a show business or model and don’t want your natural look tampered with, you can manage your vision issues with contact lenses. These lenses are designed in funkier colors too. Thus, you can sport a different color of eyes every time you make a switch from one contact lens’ hue to another.

c. Good for astigmatism: There are certain eye issues which have to do with abnormal curvatures. These lead to a situation called astigmatism. Contact lenses can help fix the abnormality in curvature, eventually astigmatism, provided you buy them after consulting the professional eye care expert.

d. Storage issue not a problem anymore: With innovations in contact lens production, disposable contact lenses have become a reality. Also, there are extended wear contact lenses available too. These can save you from hassles of maintaining the storage box. All you require is having multiple sets of such contact lenses and have your eye care regime filled up as per the need.

e. Kid-friendly options: Some makers provide contact lenses made suitable for kids with easy wearing methods too. It is just the personal choice to use or not use this product for kids. With little practice, the kid-friendly contact lenses can be included in the daily or occasional attire.

Both the contact lenses and eyeglasses have loyal takers. Those who are fond of fashionable frames for men’s glasses or unisex glasses can enjoy benefits of the eyeglasses. You can also choose to alternate between the two depending on your mood and preference.

The need to use eye care products do come as a pain at the start for all. Gradually, while accepting it as a part of life, the buyers choose to go experimental with the choices to spice up things. Sometimes, the demand of the occasion also encourages to have alternatives in hand. The contact lenses and eyeglasses bring the freedom of choice to eyewear users. You can have either or both of them as per your need, interest and the pocket-size.

For the best solutions, you can consult the experts at OpticsFit and clear all confusions.

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