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How to buy glasses online in 6 easy steps

By Opticsfit | January 4, 2023

Here is your go to guide to buying glasses online

Everything has pretty much become an online shopping spree now. Whether it be electronics or something as small and basic as groceries, online shopping has become a norm. Well eyeglasses are no exception. However, it is important to know how to select the right kind of glasses online.

So that is what we are here for. Here are 6 ways and tips that can help you select the perfect glasses for yourself.

1: Know your prescription
We are sure that this will not come as a surprise to most of you, but let us still put it out there; you’ll need a current glasses prescription. If you already had your power checked, then you might have the prescription lying around somewhere. Check and work around that.

If you have both your glasses prescription and your pupillary distance (PD) measurement ready, you can very easily start shopping for eyeglasses online.

In case you are still confused about what your pupillary distance is, you can get it checked out at your eye doctor as well. In such a case you will be able to get those numbers and proceed with your online order.

2: Select an online retailer
In this day and age, being spoilt for choice is not new. So why should shopping for eyeglasses be any different? With so many eyeglasses retailers available, choosing the right retailer is important.

So do your research, regarding the quality, pricing and customer care and then take the right pick.

Social media can also prove to.be quite useful in this context. Check out the reviews of these online retailers and then select the one that fits you the best

3: Shop for the perfect frames
Create your own checklist prior to going down the online shopping path. Here are a few things that checklist can include:

Face shape: A heart, diamond, oval, round or other face shape? Confused? Well we can help! Check out our guide here(can hyperlink the blog here)

Frame favorites: So many frame shapes to choose from — cat eyes, rimless, horn rims, what is your pick? Is there a specific colour you have in mind? Basic black or a bolder blue frame? Plastic, wire rims or some other material?

The budget: Come to a decision about how much you want to spend on your lenses and frames. Since price sorting is available with online retailers, deciding on a budget and narrowing it down accordingly will also help save time and energy.

If all this has been sorted, you are a step closer to shopping for your eyeglasses online. Another great thing about online eyeglass retailers is that you can check out how you might look in that frame using their virtual try on option

4: Choose your lenses
With pretty much everything in place, there is one last thing to be sorted. The type of lense you would want in your glasses. There are plastic lenses and glass lenses available. These are the most common ones. These lenses also offer a lot of add ons.

Choose any lens extras or upgrades you’d like to add, such as anti-scratch coating, blue light blocking or photochromic (Transitions) lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight.

Make your eyeglasses as comfortable and effective as you want them to be by making the right choices.

5: Review the return policy
Mess ups can sometimes happen when you’d decide to order things online. This is precisely why you need to be up to date on the return policy of a brand or retailer.

Always, we repeat, always read the fine print on return/exchange policies and product warranties. This is to ensure that if anything happens, you are finally aware of any issues that might occur.

6: Complete your order
Everything sorted? Ready to place your order?
Wait just a second. There still.might be something missing!

Did you check the online retailer’s coupons and discounts page? A lot of the online retailers actually offer decent discounts and coupons. You just have to be slightly shrewd about it. These discounts and coupons can prove to be beneficial and in some instances take a deep cut off and end up giving you a great deal at the end of it all!

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