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Are you paying more for your glasses?

By Opticsfit | January 4, 2023

Yes, an eyeglass investment is important, but picking one from a store might just be costing you more than you should be actually spending.

The basic strategy for eyewear making, begins with the frame structure and manufacturing. The brand does not make the frame, it is an outsider who does it and a basic licensing charge is paid to the proprietor.

Same goes for the lenses. When you, as a consumer, choose your frame, your lenses are manufactured by another company, and this is how your prescription glasses are assembled. You might be satisfied at the end of it, but there are certain things you need to know.

Here are some things that you might be paying for without knowing when you get your eyeglasses made:

  • Warehousing costs,
  • Rent of fancy storefronts.

Unfortunately, this is not where it stops. Read on to find out all the hidden costs you might be selling out for when buying those eyeglasses.

Startup Costs

This might come as a shock to a lot of you, but the bigger the store, the more you will be paying for those glasses. No matter how amazingly attractive their marketing gimmicks have been, you will be charged for all the startup costs they incurred doing that.

Store Rent

Other brick and mortar eyeglass stores will also incorporate their shop lease when they assign a sticker price to their items. Large stores that are located at occupied marketplaces have to pay large entities of money as shop lease. This increases their fixed cost of creation in this manner, accounting for a higher average cost.

Staffing Costs

Any retail stores that have a physical presence will always be staffed well, on all occasions. Think of this way; if the store you bought your eyewear from is open for 10 hours each day, 7 days a week, it will have to have a full time staff.

Now think of the base payment that the store might be paying the staff on a monthly basis. Think of it on a per person basis and then multiply that roughly by the number of staff members there might be in the store. Their salaries will also be coming out of the money you will be paying for your eyeglass.

Electricity and phone bills etc.

A lot of these stores actually end up making the consumer pay for their electricity as well as the phone bills they might have incurred. So essentially, you end up paying much more than you ought to be!

Warehousing Costs

Any large retail store usually has a large stock to deal with. In order to store such a stock, the company or brand definitely needs a warehouse. Essentially this is where a part of your money goes too; for the upkeep of the warehousing costs.

Now, quite a few of the stock might get damaged during transportation or loading and unloading of the merchandise. In order to repair this loss, the brand will pretty much include the cost of restocking in a customer’s eyeglass charge.

Tips to save money on frame and lenses

It is so important to do some research when you decide to go buy your eyeglasses. Most of the bigger store will always charge more but by doing little homework on these stores, you can actually end up saving quite a bit.

Have a look at some of the ways you can end up saving up.

Check Prices Before Making Your Appointment

An eye exam is a must before you buy glasses to help determine what kind of lenses you need. Research and do some background to make sure you check out who has the most reduced cost on the workplace visit. When you sit down to compare, the difference in prices might just shock you!

Do Your Research

Do your research before booking an eye test. There are many choices available to you so you can figure out where you’ll get the best deal for your money. Making a call to the stores of your choice and asking for any running offers will also help a great deal in saving up. Another way to research is to compare the prices online if and when you know the kind of eyeglasses you want.

Skip the Add-ons

Yes, some add-ons have become a necessary part of eyeglasses nowadays. This could include scratch resistant coatings and dust repellent coatings too. However, some add-ons can just be purely fancy more than anything else. Consider what is useful for you and what isn’t. Then make the right choice.


There are a lot of stores and options available online as well as in physical stores. So check out as many of them as possible. A lot of them offer different and better rates. This will help you come to the best decision for yourself without shelling out a fortune.

Recommendations from your eye doctor night also end up helping you to a great extent as well. So look into that option too.

The magic of online shopping

It has now been years since online shopping has become popular. But a lot of us are still skeptical about buying a lot of things online, thinking that the end product that might reach us, might not be up to the mark. However, there are quite a few online stores that supply good quality eyeglasses to the customers at an amazingly different price than those in physical stores. So give them a chance.

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