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Opticsfit believes in giving back to the community and the initiative is a first in India. We bring our #Glasses4Free program, that is closest to our hearts, to the land of diversity. Today, over 2 billion people live in poverty and many of them struggle with poor vision issues due to a lack of resources, awareness, and intervention. These people are unaware that top quality vision solutions are available and they can help improve their lives. This is where Opticsfit intends to contribute and make a difference as part of our CSR program, Glasses4Free.

CSR- Glasses 4everyone

True World Scenario

Imagine people, including children, struggling to see their blackboard, work, hazards, phone, or even the faces of others. These people earn less than $4 a day and cannot afford to buy eyeglasses online. What would their life be like without a clear and proper vision? This is what billions of people worldwide experience and there is hardly anyone to guide them in taking the right steps and finding the right options. They are struggling to carve a path out of poverty, taking care of their families, and supporting their economies while being burdened or impeded by blurry vision.
The cost of uncorrected vision is borne not just by the individual. Uncorrected refractive error costs the global economy a staggering $272 billion per year. A point noted in most reports here is that the optical and health markets have been unable to meet the vision correction needs of low-income consumers. It has also been reported that this has been the situation despite this industry having the potential and opportunity to bring about significant social and economic gains.

Never-before initiative in India

Opticsfit is the very first in the active eyewear industry to offer a free pair of eyeglasses to the underprivileged. It is our mission to become the most loved eyewear brand of the country and keep the community interest in mind from the very beginning.
At Opticsfit, Glasses4Free’s goal is to educate those suffering and to help them realize that options are available to them to afford vision improvement and bring positive changes to their life. Eyeglasses are a powerful tool in the social and economic development of those with uncorrected vision being unable to afford vision correction. It is unfortunate and yet interesting that billions of people on this planet still don’t have access to this 700-year-old technology.
We found this to be a problem with a clear solution hiding in plain sight. Numerous studies have proven the benefits of providing eye-correction solutions and educating people about their availability:
· Improved productivity
· Enhanced learning
· Sustained income earning potential
· Making people safer in their homes & on the roads
With the option to order spectacles online that offer value for money, people can see and do well in their lives.

Never-before initiative in India

Bridging the Vision Care Gap

Opticsfit has been in the eye-care industry for a combined 35 years and has both the ability and duty to create opportunities and awareness for those who could benefit from vision correction. Our CSR program, Glasses4Free, is focused on bridging the vision care gap by promoting eye-care services, increasing eye-health literacy, and awareness of durable online spectacles frames and lenses. We are committed to supporting communities around the world, including India, with access to the knowledge of vision care.

Our Vision Care Partnership

We take pride in our CSR program. One of the key methods for us to reach our target audience with our message is to team up with various organizations that mentor and train eye care professionals and the below-poverty line communities. We are dedicated to bringing world-class eyecare solutions to the underprivileged and needy by building awareness and providing education. We always feel humbled by this opportunity to make this world a better and more progressive place by touching on the lives of so many people.

Key Tenets

Our Vision Correction Program



Studies show that eyeglasses help improve productivity by up to 32%. They also boost monthly income by up to 20%. Our program is focused on helping transform the lives of working-age adults below the poverty line to maintain their productivity and generate income.



We strive to change the direction of students’ lives by increasing their ability to succeed in their studies. Studies show that vision correction can enhance learning outcomes by an extra one-third and a full year of schooling.

Reduce Hazards:

Reduce Hazards:

When people are able to afford eyeglasses, it can significantly increase their safety, both at home and outside. Drivers and pedestrians are able to see clearly and avoid hazards and accidents. Around 60% of traffic accidents are considered to be related to impaired vision.

Preventing Potential Blindness with Best Quality Eyeglasses

Preventing Potential Blindness with Best Quality Eyeglasses

Studies show that eyeglasses provide the single most important and effective solution for avoiding blindness at the global level. They are capable of correcting up to 49% of the global challenge of visual impairment. The remaining 51% is associated with:
· Cataract
· Tropical diseases
· Various blinding conditions

This means that the largest part of the challenge can be addressed if the solution becomes easily accessible for more people.

For most adults, the process of normal aging makes it a challenge to focus on near objects when they enter the age group 35-40. This condition is known as presbyopia and is correctable with the help of a pair of reading glasses. These are simple glasses but are not available or accessible to most low-income people. Our program, Glasses4Free, makes it possible for people to find out where they can access eye-correction glasses at prices they can afford.

Some reading glasses may not even require a prescription. Today, there are over 800 million confirmed people with impaired vision who have no access to basic, ready-made readers. We are trying to fix that challenge with our program.

Overcoming the Blurry Distance Vision Problem

Blurry distance vision is a growing challenge, but it is not insurmountable. According to reports, by 2050 almost half of the world’s population, almost 5 billion people, will be suffering from short-sightedness. It will become the most common cause of permanent blindness. Also known as myopia, short-sightedness begins during childhood due to environmental and genetic factors. We have been working with partners to increase awareness about vision correction among both the general masses and students with undiagnosed short-sightedness through our outreach programs.

Glasses4Free’s Mission

Building Awareness about
Quality Eyewear

Opticsfit has a global presence as an online platform selling lenses and frames for men’s ­­­glasses, women’s, and kid’s glasses. Our CSR program is focused on speeding up the uptake of prescription glasses in frontier and emerging markets. We always strive to expand the optimal market with the help of our innovative strategies. This involves reaching the people below the poverty line with the awareness that they can have access to affordable, attractive, and durable eyeglasses. We are proud to have achieved a lot of success over the years in making clear vision possible for many.
Glasses4Free serves:
· Low-income group
· First-time wearers who cannot afford standard prices
· Adults in their prime working years who cannot afford eyeglasses
· Women or girls who cannot afford eyeglasses
· Students who cannot see the blackboard but their parents cannot afford them glasses

Building Awareness about </br> Quality Eyewear

Creating Market-Based Solutions

Every market is unique and the poverty lines and vision challenges vary accordingly. Our program creates market-based solutions. However, the above-mentioned problem the world is facing is too large to resolve with charity alone. Large scale access to vision correction requires efforts at the government level. However, we are playing as big a role as we can to help.
Part of our Glasses4Free program is to deploy innovative, low-margin models to provide high-quality eyeglasses to people from low-income groups. We reach our target audience through B2B and B2C approaches and try to promote social impact across three strategies – see clearly to learn, earn, and be safe. Our primary goal is to educate those suffering to provide them with the realization that eyewear is not just a choice or an afterthought, but a necessity.

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