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Features Details

Blue Block: Blocks harmful UV light coming from screens. Helps reduce eye irritation, headaches and tiredness.

Photochromic: Lens changes colour from clear to grey depensing on the brightness of sunlight present. Removes the need to change eyewear based on weather the wearer is outdoors or indoors. Provides a seemless transition.

Unbreakable: Highly durable and strong lenses. For anyone who cannot handle their eyewear with care or has rough and tough use.

Anti-Reflective: Reflects back light from environmental sources to highly improve vision clarity.

UV Protection: Protects the wearer from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Water Repellant: Repels water and reduces fogging of eyewear when you shift from cold to hot environments.

Anti-Static: Reduces the settling of dust particles on the lenses providing clearer vision and easier cleaning.

Scratch Resistant: Reduces damage caused by low impacts and abrasives and ofers some protection for the lenses. Increases life of the lenses by preventing lots of scratches from developing.

Oil and Smudge Repellant: Prevents finger prints from coming on the lenses making it easier for lenses to be kept clear and clean.

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